Board Resolution letter for opening LLP or company bank account

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Generate Board Resolution letter for Opening LLP or company bank account

What is Board Resolution letter for opening LLP or company bank account

Whether you hae started an One Person Company or Foreign Companies or LLP or private limited company or section 8 company or you have existing Pvt Ltd company or Limited liability partnership, you would need to pass a board resolution to authorised a person which can be director or manager who will be authorised to do bank transactions on the behalf of company. In case, you want to open more than one bank account, you will need pass board resolution for each bank account. The board resolution should be printed on company letter head and signed by the director or designated partners. You can generate Board Resolution letter for opening LLP or company bank account by filling the required details quickly using our website at time One Person Company registration or Foreign Companies registration or LLP registration or private limited company registration or section 8 company registration

Format for Board Resolution letter for Opening LLP or company bank account



“RESOLVED THAT a Bank account in the name and style of _____________ be opened with __________, opposite to ______________and __________ (DIN: __________), Director of the Company be and is hereby authorized to sign the necessary forms and documents in this regard.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the bank be instructed and authorized to honour all cheques, promissory notes and other orders and all bills of exchange drawn, accepted or made on behalf of the company, whether such account be in credit or overdrawn and to accept and credit to the account of the company all moneys deposited with or to be kept in the name of the company; and the amount of all cheques are endorsed /signed by the following persons with their signatures shall be sufficient authority to bind the Company in all transactions between the bank and the company including those specifically referred to herein.


Name & Designation

Mode of Operation

Specimen Signature


Designation: __________


Singly for all transactions



RESOLVED FURTHER THAT a copy of this resolution be furnished to the bank under signature of any one of the Directors of the Company.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT this resolution shall remain in force until notice in writing of its withdrawal or amendment or cancellation is given to the bank by the Director of the Company.


For CompanyAddress


Name: __________

Designation: __________


Details required for Board Resolution letter for Opening Bank Account

Company Name

This usually shows a company's complete and accurate identity, which includes both its official name and physical address.

Company Address

This includes the complete and precise address of the company. This ensures to all banks documents for cheques or bank opening kit for new company is sent at right address.

Name and Designation

The names and designations of the company's authorised signatories which may include Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Managing Director, President, Director, Manager, or any other title that clearly identifies. This person is authorised signatories for the bank

Specimen Signatures

The signed signatures of the designated person for the company are captured as authentic and authorised. All cheques or bank payments need to have matching signature which make it very important.

How much cost for opening LLP or company bank account:

Generally, banks like ICICI bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, SBI, PNB etc. don't take any additional fees for opening current account. However, newly incorporated LLP or company is required to be submitted the paid-up capital post the LLP registration or company registrations in India. However, company or LLP can use these funds for day to day expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Board Resolution letter for Opening LLP or company bank account

Different board resolution is required for opening LLP or company bank account with different banks.

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