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What is Trademark Registration

Trade mark in simple words means registering your logo/name/symbol that represents your business. One you get your trade mark registration is done with government, it becomes your intellectual property. It is company recognition on ownership of the brand. Trademarks are often noted by way of ™, or ® if registered. The owner gets the right to exclusive use of the trademark in respect of the goods or services its business provides. A registered trademark can be pledged as a security to secure loan facilities. Trademark is an intangible asset thus can be sold, licensed or assigned.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

 Distinct Legal entity

Exclusive Right

The owner of a registered trademark gets the exclusive right to use. It reduces the risk of using your trade name, mark by a third person without your permission. The registered Trademark can take legal action against the third person who uses your Trademark without your permission

Limited liability

Build Trust and Goodwill

The registered Trademark helps you build trust, a sense of uniqueness, and goodwill for the business you operate in customers' minds. The customer starts associating quality associated with your goods or services with your Trademark.

Brand Image

Intellectual Property

The registered trademark becomes an intangible asset for the owner. The owner can sell, assign, franchise the registered trademark, which can fetch value in the long-term.

Fund Raising

Brand Popularity

Once your brand is famous, you will get to attract more customers. People will start connecting with your trademark and refrain from competitors to copy it as you have already registered your trademark.

Eligibility For Trademark Registration

An Individual (Person)

Joint Owners

Trust or Society

Partnership Firm

Limited Liability Partnership

Indian Company

Foreign Company

Process for OPC Registration

Step 1: Preliminary Information

We will ask you to fill the form to give the necessary information, which will contain the required information. In case of any assistance, our team will support you.

Step 2: Search report

Post the information provided by you, our team will provide you with the search report with details of the availability of brand name for a trademark by accessing the database of already existing trademarks.

Step 3: Document Preparation

Once your brand name is available for the trademark, we move forward to document preparation as the next step for trademark registration. Before submitting the trademark application with authority, we will ask you to review and provide your feedback.

Step 4: Filing Trademark Application

Post incorporating your feedback, we will file your trademark application with the authorities. We will share the government fees and acknowledgment with you for your reference.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

  • Identity proof of the trademark applicant (PAN card, passport or Aadhar card)

  • Incorporation certificate (if its a company or LLP) Udyog Aadhar registration certificate (if any)

  • Logo, name, tagline etc

  • Address proof

  • Form 48 (Signed by applicant) is used to provide Patron Accounting attorney with authorisation to file your trademark application on your behalf.

Why Patron Accounting

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Data is new fuel which make it most important asset for the business house. Strict policy within our organisation is to ensure no compromise on data confidentiality and data is not shared with the third party. Your information is safe with us.

Qualified Team

Highly Qualified Team

Our team consists of CA's, Lawyers, CS, IIM, graduate, Actuaries and other supporting staff to make sure you get best services. With 10+ years of experience, our experts uses flexible and customized solutions to provide hassle-free services to any industries.


Kaizen Philosophy

Patron Accounting has ISO 9001:2015 certifcation in place. We continuously improve our existing process and try to find new ways for doing the same tasks. We are committed to reduce the time taken to process any task and give unquie experience to our customers.

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Reviews by Customers

Great Experience overall, very professional team with all the knowledge in Taxation and accounting compliance. Answered all my question in language I can understand and gave a sense of relief from this complicated tax system of our country. Highly recommended!! read more
Rajesh Tomar
2 days ago
One stop online solution for all accounting needs. Very prompt in their services. I am Fully satisfied, Highly recommended...Thanks you So much all Team Members !!! read more
Rohit More
1 week ago
Very convenient, offers great efficiency. Worth spending money & saves a lot of time too. Highly RECOMMENDED. read more
Karan Jindal
2 months ago
Takes care of all accounting procedures & compliances. Innovative solutions with professional services by the company. read more
Neha Garg
2 months ago
I am very happy with their services. They provide complete solution to our tax queries and also guided us in our tax planning. read more
Aditya Gupta
2 months ago
Very professional, Honest and thoroug People here have immense knowledge and the best thing about them is their round the clock Good work. Keep it up ! read more
Ravi Ahuja
2 months ago
Best company in Pune that provides accounting service ..very satisfying service read more
Zehra Naqvi
6 months ago
Patron accounting is having a dedicated, professional team. Fully satisfied with their services. They have expertise in providing bundle of services which gives complete business solution as per client requirements read more
3 months ago
One stop solution for all accounting needs. Truely professional guys. Gave simple practical solutions to my otherwise complex business problems read more
Sudarshan Holani
1 Months ago
Great experience with Patron LLP read more
VIVEK Chaudhary
a week ago
Highly professional and very prompt in their services read more
Kings N Queens
2 years ago
A very professional service provider. I found the team very knowledgeable.. read more
1 year ago
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The mark 'TM' is just an indication that you are using the mark or the name as your trade name of the product. To protect the interest and claim the prior use in Trade Mark, generally people in India using 'TM' from the date of filing an application for the registration of Trademark till its registration. Trade Mark Act, 1999 does not provide any provision for using 'TM'. But American Trade Mark Laws do provide for the same. It is suggestible to use 'TM' to establish your prior right over the product trade name. Contact us Now.

Applications are filed on same day of receiving required documents. It takes 2-3 days to get acknowledgment from department regarding application.

Once registered, a trademark is protected for 10 years starting from the registration date, assuming that the trademark is not subsequently invalidated or cancelled. Protection can be renewed for further 10-year periods

There is well established legal mechanism, where we can file against object. In most of cases it can be done online but in few cases we may need to pay visit to relevant office.

Individuals and MSME registered entities need to pay Rs 4,500 as a government fees, whereas corporate entities like Pvt ltd and LLP's need to pay Rs 9,000.

No way! you will pay our fee, and then the only other fee that you are required to pay is the government filing fee.