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Why is Board Resolution required for GST Registration for new Company/LLP Resgitration.

In the dynamic realm of business, embracing Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not merely a legal requirement but a strategic leap towards growth. Patron Accounting LLP, your reliable financial partner, kickstarts seamless compliance by expertly crafting a Board Resolution for NewGST registration.In envisioning a business's growth trajectory, the interplay between company registration and GST is crucial. Beyond ticking regulatory boxes, it lays the groundwork for a transparent financial journey. Patron Accounting LLP recognizes this nexus, providing a holistic approach to navigate the intricate process seamlessly.

At the core of initiating GST registration at the time new company resgitration in India lies the symphony of a well-crafted Board Resolution. This legal document serves as the authoritative voice, affirming the company's commitment to compliance. Patron Accounting LLP takes pride in orchestrating this symphony, ensuring each resolution blends legal precision with strategic foresight. Crafting a Board Resolution for new GST registration is an art mastered by our experts. We delve into your company's intricacies to create a bespoke resolution aligned with your business objectives. It's an artistry that ensures compliance is not a burden but a strategic move.

For private limited companies and LLP regsitration, the Board Resolution for GST registration is more than a formality; it's a strategic imperative. It symbolizes a collective decision to embrace GST advantages, from seamless tax credit to enhanced market competitiveness. Patron Accounting LLP ensures this resolution becomes a catalyst for success in the GST era. In the world of GST registration, we emerge as your trusted navigator, going beyond paperwork to become architects of your strategic compliance. Our experts demystify the process, guiding your business with the right financial tools through the creation of a Board Resolution.

Crafting a Board Resolution for new GST registration is more than a service at Patron Accounting LLP; it's a commitment to your business's growth. We understand the intricacies of company registration with GST, ensuring the Board Resolution becomes a catalyst propelling your business towards compliance, prosperity, and strategic success in the evolving economic landscape. Trust us as your financial partner on this transformative journey.

Board Resolution(BR) Format for GST Registration of Private limited Company Resgitration

Company Name

Complete address of company


RESOLVED THAT the Board of Directors do hereby appoint First Director Name, Director of the Company as Authorised Signatory for registration of the Company on the Goods and Service Tax (GST) System Portal and to sign and submit various document electronically and/or physically and to make applications, communications, representations, modifications or alterations on behalf of the Company before the Central GST and/or the concerned State GST authorities as and when required.

FURTHER RESOLVED THAT First Director Name, Director of the Company be and is hereby authorized to represent the Company and to take necessary actions on all goods and service tax related issues including but not limited to presenting documents/records etc., on behalf of the Company liaising/representing for registration of the Company under GST and also to make any alterations, additions, corrections, to the documents, papers, forms, etc., filed with other Government authorities as and when required.

FURTHER RESOLVED THAT First Director Name, Director of the Company be and is hereby authorized on behalf of the company to sign the returns, documents, letters, correspondences etc. and to represent on behalf of the Company, for assessments, appeals or otherwise before the goods and service tax authorities as and when required.

For: Company Name

Director Name: First Director Name


Director Name: Second Director Name


Details required for downloading Board Resolution (BR) format for GST registration

Director Name

The Board Resolution (BR) contains the name of Directors of the new company who is seeking the GST registration. There is placeholders for two directors which are mostly common in the company. However, you can add more names of director after downloading the BR.

office Address

It is registered address on which new company or LLP is registered. The same address will be menioned in the GST certificate issued by authorities.

Company Name

The BR explicitly should state Name of Company/LLP for which GST registrations is required.

Signature and Date

The document must be signed by the property owner, further solidifying their consent and acknowledgment of the business operation on their property.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for downloading Board Resolution (BR) for GST registration in India

While there is not a specific mandated format in many cases, its recommended to follow a standard format that includes all essential information. This ensures clarity and consistency.

Yes, having the director’s signature on the Board Resolution (BR) is mandatory.

Yes, it is one of important document which is required which is required to submitted while getting GST registration.

Digital Board Resolution (BR) are acceptable. Make sure the digital receipt includes all required details and is easily when needed. Patron Accounting promotes digital India initiative and is 100% paperless firm.

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