EPF Specimen Signature Download

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EPF Specimen Signature Download

What is specimen signature and its validity and format?

A sample or representative signature from an authorised individual connected to the business is referred to as a specimen signature. In order to assure integrity and validity, it is utilised for verification in formal Employee's Provident Fund (EPF) transactions as well as during company incorporation. The validity of specimen signature is based on the information and documentation submitted; the authority may reserve an authorised name for three months following the date of MCA approval.

Format of EPF Specimen Signature


(This card is for the specimen signature of the employers of the establishment at the time of registration of the establishment with the Employees’ P F Organization)



(Please upload for all employers and for Authorized Signatory if any)

Name: Employer 1 Name

Designation: Employer 1 Designation

Specimen Signature





Name: Employer 2 Name

Designation: Employer 2 Designation

Specimen Signature




For PF Office Use: Code Number Allotted:

How to submit a specimen's signature when registering a company?

After submitting the SPICe+ form successfully, proceed to the portal's associated AGILE-PRO-S form

Fill out the form with all the relevant information.

Include any necessary attachments along with all necessary documentation.

The specimen signature format can be downloaded.

Fill out the required fields in the format, scan the page, and affix it to the AGILE-PRO-S form.

Upload all of the SPICe form, including AGILE-PRO-S and any other pertinent forms, to the MCA site, together with the supporting files.

It is necessary to attach the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) during the submission procedure.

Make the necessary fee payments

Follow the guidelines provided for the Company Registration.

Details required for Format of EPF Specimen Signature

Establishment Name

This usually shows a company's complete and accurate identity, which includes both its official name and physical address.

Address of the Establishment

The EPF Specimen Signature includes the complete and precise address of the establishment. This ensures that the authorities can easily locate and verify the business premises.

Name and Designation of the Employers

The names and designations of the establishment's authorised signatories are listed in this section. The titles may include Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Managing Director, President, Director, Manager, or any other title that clearly identifies their position in the company hierarchy and their duties.

Specimen Signatures

The signed signatures of the designated employers inside an organisation are captured in this area as authentic and authorised.

How much cost for specimen's signature:

There are no additional fees associated with submitting the specimen signature. Just send it along with your documentation and company registrations in India forms when you submit the AGILE-PRO-S and SPICe+ Part B applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for EPF Specimen Signature

The directors of the newly register company need to sign 3 times on the EPF Specimen Signature.

DSC is a digital signature used to sign any document whereas epf Specimen Signature serves as blueprint of signature for verifying the employers identity in official documents submitted with provident fund department.

Enter your company's name and address details in the provided spaces.
Specify the name(s) and respective designations of the employer(s).
Proceed to the specimen signature section, where columns are available for obtaining signature(s) from employer(s).
Once the specimen signature is filled out, convert the form to PDF format.
Visit the EPF Organisation website and navigate to the Form 5 section, where you'll find an option for uploading your specimen signature.

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