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Create and download free rent NOC while registering new company in India which required to be submitted to MCA while starting new company.

What is Rent NOC format and why it is required for company registration in India.

A Rent No Objection Certificate (NOC) holds significant importance in the process of company registration in India. It serves as a crucial document, bridging the gap between property ownership and business establishment. In this comprehensive discussion, we will delve into the intricacies of the Rent NOC, its purpose, content, and its role in facilitating the smooth registration of new companies in India. When an individual or group decides to embark on the journey of establishing a new company in India, one of the fundamental aspects to consider is the physical location from which the business operations will be conducted. This location, often a rented property, plays a vital role in the official registration process. To ensure the legality and smooth functioning of the business, the authorities require confirmation that the property owner has no objections to the new company operating from their premises. This confirmation is what is encapsulated in the Rent NOC.

The Rent NOC is not just a formality; it is a legal requirement during the company or LLP registration process in India. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), the central governing body responsible for regulating companies and corporate affairs in India, mandates the submission of this document. Failing to provide a Rent NOC can result in delays or complications in the registration process.

Navigating the intricacies of LLP or company registration, including obtaining a Rent NOC, can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. To simplify this process, various service providers offer assistance in registering companies in India. One such reputable service provider is Patron Accounting LLP, serving clients in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Noida, and Gurgaon. Patron Accounting streamlines the Rent NOC acquisition process by providing a readily available format that can be customized with the relevant details. This approach saves valuable time and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. By offering guidance and support, service providers like Patron Accounting empower entrepreneurs and businesses to efficiently register their companies or LLPs in India while adhering to all necessary legal procedures.

In conclusion, the Rent No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a critical document in the company registration process in India. It serves as a formal declaration from the property owner, granting consent for the new company to operate from their premises. This document, containing essential details such as the property address and owner's signature, is required by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) to ensure the legality and authenticity of the business operation. Service providers like Patron Accounting play a vital role in simplifying the NOC acquisition process, making it easier for entrepreneurs and businesses to navigate the complexities of company registration in India.

NOC format for Company or LLP registration


This is to certify that I , Name, S/o /D/o W/o , father name, resident of Address of owner , owner of the property having address: Address of rented premises, have permitted and allowed Director name , Designated Partners/Director of Company name (under incorporation) for operating and conducting their business from address mentioned above, without transferring any legal rights except the mere permissive use as office only.

I further state that I have no objection if Company name (under incorporation) uses the said address as their registered office for the business purpose.


(Owner of the Property)

Date: date

Details required for rent NOC format for Company registration in India

Property Address

To avoid any ambiguity, the NOC includes the complete and precise address of the property in question. This ensures that the authorities can easily locate and verify the business premises from which new company will operate.

Owner of the Property

The primary purpose of the NOC is to declare that the owner of the property grants permission for the new company to utilize their premises for business purposes. This consent is a foundational element of the NOC.

Confirmation of Business Operation

The NOC explicitly states that the directors of the newly registered company are indeed operating and conducting their business activities from the specified premises. This confirmation is essential for the regulatory authorities to establish the physical presence of the business.

Signature and Date

The document must be signed by the property owner, further solidifying their consent and acknowledgment of the business operation on their property.

Frequently Asked Questions for downloading Rent NOC format for company registration in India

While there is not a specific mandated format in many cases, its recommended to follow a standard format that includes all essential information. This ensures clarity and consistency.

Yes, having the landlord’s signature on the rent receipt add authenticity and confirmation that the payment has been received. It helps avoid misunderstanding later on.

Yes, it is one of important document which is required in case company is operated from the rental premises and is required to be submitted to MCA while doing new company registration

Digital rent receipts are generally acceptable, especially if both parties are comfortable with electronic records. Make sure the digital receipt includes all required details and is easily when needed.

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